About Us

Merger Alpha is an innovative, exclusive and international M&A platform dedicated to the needs of the fast growing Asian markets. Merger Alpha connects business owners to Strategic and Financial Investors with a powerful application designed to increase their reach and visibility.

Merger Alpha does not collect success fees or commissions. It is a member only network which brings together qualified buyer, sellers and advisors of mid market companies to find one another and close more deals.

Merger Alpha allows members to establish first contact around an online 'teaser' level of disclosure and then decide how (or if) they wish to reveal more information and develop the opportunity.

Merger Alpha provides both buyer and sellers with a dashboard from which they can personalize their dealings and manage interactions with other members. This secure confidential environment allows members to reach a cross border audience in a manner which respects their concerns about control and confidentiality.

Why we founded Merger Alpha

For over a decade the Merger Alpha team has been helping several hundred institutional investors conduct due diligence on companies in South & South East Asia. In the course of our work we connected with over ten thousand small & mid size business owners across fifteen countries.

We found that these business owners were increasingly discouraged with the time it takes to secure capital, the rejections they endure, and the lack of linearity and progress checkpoints over the course of the fundraising process.

Merger Alpha was formed specifically to connect these company owners directly with potential investors & partners across Asia. Merger Alpha is a platform where technology and hands-on expertise come together to effectively forge connections, accelerate transactions and empower participants, while maintaining confidentiality.

Merger Alpha aims to transform how private company owners sell or finance their business.


"My company was not suitable for private equity investors. Merger Alpha connected me to three strategic buyers from Japan and Korea"

...mid market Indonesian firm

Merger Alpha connected me to three lenders I did not know to finance our expansion

...Indian manufacturing company

Merger Alpha is great tool to find add-on and bolt on opportunities in the fast growing Asian markets for our investee firms

...Singapore based Private Equity firm